BFF – “Bottega Fantasy & Friends” – LA FUCINA CIMMERA

Today we discover a craft activity never hosted on the pages of Bottega Fantasy, that’s why it’s something that increases my personal interest (and I hope yours as well!).

Let’s meet Guglielmo, a real blacksmith who forges weapons that only expert hands can tame.

With his Fucina Cimmera (Cimmerian Forge), this big guy is capable of giving life to weapons imbued with passion, sweat and sparks, not only aesthetically beautiful but also effective and resistant.

La Fucina Cimmera was born from the union between the love of oplology and that of craftsmanship. Over the years Guglielmo has specialized in creating replicas of Viking weapons for full impact combat, without disdaining fantasy, medieval and post-apocalyptic.

Follow the activity of the Fucina Cimmera on his Facebook page!

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