BFF – “Bottega Fantasy & Friends” – Silvia Molteni

Here we are at the very first appointment of the Bottega where every week we give voice to a new passionate / creative who makes Fantasy his/her mission!

Today we are meeting Silvia Molteni.
Artist and illustrator with an extraordinary delicacy and sensitivity, Silvia has collaborated in the past with Bottega Fantasy, making the beautiful cover painting you can see in the home page.
Together we’ve also created a prototype for a card game, for which she designed tons of dragons. Maybe I’ll show you something in the future about it…

In 2019 she published her first book as an illustrator: “La cura del ghiro” – Edizioni Corsare.

You can admire her works at this link:

Don’t forget to follow also her Facebook page and her Instagram profile @silvia_molte where she’s so productive!

If you wish to see your handcrafted works / creations published on the Bottega Fantasy website, you can send an information request by clicking here.

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