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If you are here, I bet you’re wondering what Bottega Fantasy means, aren’t you?
Bottega” is an old italian word that can be translated as workshop or lab. The slight difference between those words is a little hint: the medieval bottega was a place of creativity, training and not only working, focused on well-crafted items and often a family place.
If you had walked the streets of Florence, Milan or Bologna during the Renaissance, you would have seen hundreds of Bottega run by skilled artisans who dedicated their lives to producing incredible artefacts. Here’s what I’m inspired by!

Creativity and love for simplicity are the main values that aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy embodies: items and accessories that will lead you to new, incredible adventures!

Our mission is to create something that will keep our desire and need for telling stories alive…

When did Bottega Fantasy come to life?

aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy was officially born in 2018 by the creative spirit of Mauro, but its origins are to be found in the shadows of the past. We have to go back to an age when kids were still daydreaming, a time when a wood stick and a cardboard box could easily become a magical sword and a castle to conquer.

The incredible energy of roleplaying lies in the possibility to create and feed the stories every player lives together with other people. Within these stories, relationships can be very deep and remarkable, giving birth to relevant opportunities of growth and discussion. That’s the power of roleplay!

Mauro’s passion for woodworking joined to the one for roleplay, originating old-looking items and accessories capable of evoking forgotten stories and leading to legendary lands.

Through its creations aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy wants to help players to enjoy to the fullest their own adventures.

The importance of being “Heroquest”

I have a distinct memory of the first time I’ve played Heroquest: a table, rainy day, great excitement and a little bit of innocence in trying to play without knowing the rules.
The miniatures looked like little pieces of art and the forniture, mixing plastic and cardboard, where almost magical items to me.
Nowadays, after many years, I stare at the items I create and I see that perfect fantasy style, simple yet evocative, that characterized the game I loved so much.

As time goes by, it’s unbelievable how the most unexpected feeling or far away memory can surprisingly reemerge in your life.

The values of Bottega Fantasy

aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy wants to help people tell their stories, by creating custom gaming gears for boardgames, role-playing games and LARP.

In a world full of bad news and in which we are used to injustice and incivility, there’s a deep need for positive narration to help people strike up good relationships.
That’s why all of Bottega Fantasy’s creations are meant to support players in their tales and adventures.

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