KICKSTARTER “Chronicles of the Secret Time”

Bottega Fantasy is happy to work together with Crimson Studies Creation (from now CSC) in the creation of a new “old school RPG”, a game that’s able to entertain not only old-time player, but also novices.

“Welcome to the Island of Aurora, a splendid land on the borders of the Empire, a dream of conquest for humans and archons, who try to snatch it from nurrs and acephalos.”

When CSC contacted me, I was immediately struck by the author’s enthusiasm and attention in describing all the features of the project. A great attention to details and the awareness that we were about to embark on a very ambitious project led me immediately to accept the collaboration.

“You have just landed on the island. What do you want to do? Build a farm? Going on an adventure? Get involved in the political intrigues of the Tilne Contrade?”

This collaboration was supposed to lead us to create something unique that could help players immerse themselves in the history and setting of the Chronicles.
It was thus that the idea of ​​a master screen designed solely for this title slowly took hold…

“You were born on the island, but you decided to move to the city of curious humans. For what reason? Have you been exiled? Do you desire unimaginable wealth for your tribe? Or are you looking for an old friend or a lost love? “

A thin screen, easy to carry, decorated to better adapt to the style of the game, ready to create new, incredible adventures…

“Chronicles of The Secret Time” is a Tabletop RPG of Old School philosophy but with a modern cut, compatible with the old adventure modules of the most famous game in the world, but capable of giving a completely new experience. It represents the sum of ten years of playtesting and Old School gaming, during which every single rule has been analyzed, weighed, and finally approved or discarded, making the game the best OSR ever (at least for us!).

If you’re interested, take a look at the Kickstarter page.
Stay fantasy! 😉

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