When I started this work I’ve been very lucky: I found people who trusted me, even if I wasn’t fully aware of what I was doing.
This precious support has allowed me to grow and make sense of this fantastic project.

For this reason, just as I imagined doing once aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy would have achieved enough notoriety, I want to give a space to all the enthusiasts who work, create, play, read, draw and/or write fantasy at 360°.

Do you have an association and would like to make it known?
Do you like writing and would like to share your story with other fans?
Are you an illustrator and would like to share your works?
Is larp your life and do you have ideas to help other players?
Do you aspire to become a game designer and would like to have a space to give your projects the visibility they deserve?

Whatever your relationship with fantasy, aWoodStory – Bottega Fantasy is pleased to give you its support and will allow you use for free its social channels to reach many other fans.

If this thrills you, then contact me and together we will define how to grow together our passion for fantasy!

Bottega Fantasy needs you!

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